Dear Angel

Dear Angel, I Am having An Affair With My BOSS.

Dear Angel,

I Came To The Office With A Sexy Dress And Now I Am Having An Affair With My BOSS.

I have been married for about five years, I’m 31 and my husband is 34. He was doing OK with his sales job but recently he lost his job and he’s out of work for some time now. I know he’s feeling low but there has been less love, affection and sex between us. The whole financial burden is on me so I got a promotion at work as my boss’s PA. I spend a lot of time with him and realised I’d become attracted to him. He is 46, divorced and a bit of a ladies’ man.


When he invited me to this office do at a luxury hotel he asked me to wear something sexy as clients would be there. But my husband wasn’t very happy when he saw it. The dress was very tight and revealing. My boss told me that I looked fantastic, which gave me a boost. He was drinking heavily, was very attentive and asked me to sit next to him. He was whispering things in my ear and lightly touching me.

He asked me to go up to his room as he needed to give me some notes. I was a bit unsure but he is my boss. As soon as we were in the room he kissed me. I reminded him that I was married.

But I didn’t stop him when he started to undress me. I ended up topless and tried walking away but we ended up having sex. My boss ordered me a taxi and my husband was asleep, thank goodness when I got home. Now this business trip is coming up I can’t wait, and my boss has said he will give me a clothing allowance so I can look extra-special. But I am really worried that my husband will discover the truth.


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