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32 Signs You’re Doing Well In Life: Even If You Don’t Feel Like It.

Are you wondering whether you’re really doing well in life, or preoccupied with the idea that you’re not? In no particular order, here are 32 signs to look out for in your life that shows you are doing well in life. After reading this list, be sure to give yourself a break to reflect on your life and how well you are doing.

  1. You have a dream – You know that where you are now is not the end and that you are capable of so much more. You aspire to achieve the goals that you visualise in your mind and you have the determination to see them through.

  2. You’re grateful for what you have achieved– wherever you may see yourself in the future, you don’t forget to give thanks for all of the amazing things in your life today. In other words, you are not wishing away the days, months and years, but enjoying them and all that they bring.
  3. You have food, clean water to drink and shelter–  if you go to bed at night in a comfortable room, have access to water and can always expect three square meals a day, there’s a very significant sense in which you’re doing well. The most basic of requirements for life is available to you 24/7, it is a sad fact that billions of people on this planet do not currently have access to clean drinking water, so you should count yourself lucky.
  4. You feel proud of yourself– you’ve achieved things in your life and, no matter how big or small they might seem to others, you have an immense sense of pride for having done so. Whether it is gaining a qualification, improving your health, or learning to stand up for yourself, you have taken a hard road when there might have been an “easy way out.”
  5. You are able to forgive, even if you don’t forget– holding onto grievances is almost always bad for your mental and physical well-being, but you have learned the art of true forgiveness. This allows you to release the negative energy associated with anger and resentment, and sometimes fix broken relationships.
  6. You have some friends who are so close, you consider them family– Trust me, there are sometimes family is not there or won’t be there. You can count on these friends to be there when you need them most just as you would go to them if they called. The very best friendships bring untold joy and wealth to life and you are fortunate enough to have found a few people with whom you can be yourself without fear of judgement.
  7. You aren’t scared of failure in the quest for progress– whatever you wish to accomplish in life, you do not let the fear of failure hold you back. You have failed before and you will fail again, but you prefer to see them not as failures, but as lessons learned along the road to success.
  8. You know what you don’t want– you’ve experienced enough of life to know that there are some things that you’d rather avoid wherever possible. Whatever these things may be, you have lived and learned and you can take comfort in the knowledge that you won’t have to learn these lessons again.
  9. You don’t let pride stop you asking for help– you accept that you can’t know or do everything and rather than try to muddle through regardless, you are able to set your pride to one side and seek help. This allows to you get on in life when you might otherwise struggle to achieve things by yourself.
  10. You have time for leisure activities and holidays– it doesn’t matter whether you are sporty, a movie buff or a budding artist, you have enough free time each week to accommodate activities that bring you happiness and peace. Also, you can afford to go on holiday.

  11. You can look beyond material possessions– while you appreciate the comforts of the modern day world, you don’t let yourself become infatuated with “things” or allow your feelings and behaviour to be determined by the lavish extravagance available in life.
  12. You’ve experienced romantic love– perhaps the one thing that we, as a species, desire more than anything else is to love and be loved by someone. If you have ever known this kind of connection with another human being, you have been blessed. Even if this kind of love is not present in your life right now, you can still be thankful because you can look forward to it in your future.
  13. You are unsure about many things– life, the universe, the purpose of existence; you have many questions left unanswered in your mind. You even reconsider your dreams from time to time as your outlook evolves. You aren’t fearful of these unknowns, however, and openly embrace discussions about them.
  14. You strive for improvement– whether in a particular way or just in general, you always seek to further yourself and better yourself because you feel this is one of life’s big challenges. Your personal development is an important part of your life and you spend much time and energy on it. If not you remain at one point.
  15. You know true happiness– you try to discover happiness in as many moments as you can and you treasure it for as long as it lasts. Your happiness is genuine and is a reflection of the choices you make in your life.

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  16. Your life contains less drama than in the past– as you’ve grown as a person, you have experienced a dramatic shift in the tone of your life. No longer does it contain endless drama and confrontation; you’ve allowed people to flow in and out of your life and it is more peaceful as a result.
  17. You add meaning to the lives of others– your presence and energy bring joy and meaning to the most important people in your life. You may not even realize you are doing it, but just by being there, you are having a positive impact on the lives of others. You brighten up the place and you give off a lot of warmth; you are the sun that shines into the world.
  18. You’ve gone through some bad times – nobody goes through life without some seemingly disastrous events occurring, but you’ve come through them still standing. The crap that you’ve had to endure has only made you more resilient than before and you have experienced growth through it.
  19. You have/had a job– whether or not you are currently in work, you know what it’s like to have a job and income. You have knowledge and skills that create value for business and thus for society in general and these, in turn, can provide for you and your family.
  20. You still bear the pain of loss– If you have known the grief and sadness of loss and you still struggle to overcome it. This makes you human; it shows that you have a heart and that you can’t just turn off your emotions. It is a sign that you are going through the healing process.
  21. You’ve made mistakes, but you’ve recognized them – you’ve made mistakes and they now form an integral part of your growth because you’ve acknowledged them and learned from them. You don’t go through life believing you are right 100% of the time like some people do; you understand that mistakes are not a sign of weakness, they are just steps to strength.
  22. You don’t let the judgements of others worry you– we are all guilty of passing judgement on the lives and choices of others, but you couldn’t give a damn what people think. You are able to be your authentic self and you don’t let the words or thoughts of anyone else stop you from chasing your dreams and goals.
  23. You have ups and downs– as much as you’d like to avoid sadness and other negative emotions, you can’t stop yourself from feeling down now and again. You just have to accept that most of us will experience lows and highs and that these reflect a somewhat natural cycle.
  24. You feel yourself changing – you have come to identify the state of flux in your life and have accepted that you are experiencing change in one form or another. This may scare you a little bit, but deep down you know that this change is growth on many different levels.
  25. You take responsibility for your life– you have long since understood the immense responsibility that comes with life and you are trying your hardest to take it and own it. You know that your actions affect the whole world and, wherever possible, you try to be a positive force.
  26. You sometimes feel lost– it is common for people who are awakening to the world around them and growing as individuals to feel a sense of disillusionment every now and again. You shouldn’t worry about it; just know that it is normal and it is a sign that you are now seeing deeper into the riches of life. It shows that you are aware that there is more to come in your life and that you are not just settling for less than your potential allows.
  27. You have the power to choose– you are in control of your life and you have the freedom to choose which direction you take it in. You may think that everyone has such opportunities, but the truth is that there are plenty of people who have a very limited choice because of their country of birth, their background, or even their past life choices (e.g. people in prison).
  28. You have a passion for something– just by having this passion, you have managed to identify one thing in life that you truly, deeply believe in and this brings a greater degree of meaning to your life. You know that this passion is something that you are willing to make sacrifices for if necessary because it holds a special place in your heart.
  29. You believe in something greater than yourself– this does not have to mean a God or spiritual belief, but it most certainly can take that form. It might also be that you believe in the greater good in society, fairness, justice, equality, the sanctity of life in all its guises. Whatever it is, it transcends your own life and this fills you with comfort.
  30. You’re not afraid to express your feelings openly– one of the most damaging things we can do is to deny ourselves the right to feel things. Our feelings have lessons for us and we must not suppress them. You are able to express yours openly with other people and this is a sign that you understand their importance and refuse to silence their messages.
  31. You recognize and avoid things that are detrimental to your well-being– you have come to learn what is good for you and what is not and you make it your aim to avoid anything which is going to cause you physical or mental harm. This might be food, alcohol, the company of certain people, or something else entirely, but you have identified the damaging things and steer well clear of them.
  32. You feel sure that, in the end, you are not alone– in whatever form it comes to you, there is a sense deep down that tells you that you are not alone. You understand that other people are leading their own lives and facing their own challenges, but that we are all connected in ways that we cannot yet begin to imagine.

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