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12 Things You Should Never Do On Social Media – By Angel Ojukwu

Social media makes it easier for us to connect to loved ones, family, friends and see what is going on their busy lives.
We can’t negate the power of social media or your online activity, very strong. Reaching out and being accepted has never been easier. While it is a great feeling of excitement to reconnect with long-lost friends and family on social media, there should be some rationale in the way we use social media. There are some number of things you shouldn’t do on social media. These things have a way of creating a wrong view about us and could deter us from attaining those goals we truthfully desire. No one is saying you should be silent on social but please don’t go out of line and do these 10 things listed below:

1.Speaking about your relationships problems on social media
Although many would find this very difficult, this is one thing I don’t do/never did.
No one wants to know what is not working right in your relationship, we don’t want to know about your battles and differences with your spouse. If it is not working, try to fix it and please don’t bring those issues to social media. FYI not all of us are in relationships or want to be bothered about relationships issues. Relationships should be personal and I mean very personal.

2. Showing off how you got drunk previous night
This is a NO, NO…. Yes, you may be so drunk and bold enough to come online and post how drunk you are. There is no feeling of accomplishment when it comes to drinking. So please keep it to yourself alone, you may just be pushing your friends to remove you from their friend list, someone like would immediately take you off my list.

3. Using F words
Such social cruelty could work just fine in your private life but it could be derogatory on social media. Swearing and cursing should be for a profane environment and not for all readers to see.

4. Saying something horrible about your coworkers, employees or boss
Why would you even do that? You could put yourself in a box when you do this. You could be friends with an employee, boss or coworker and bring your differences to social media. Doing this puts a spotlight on what is going on and could create sentiments and negative feelings from those you know.

5. Tagging someone in a terrible photo
I see people this and I wonder why? Not everyone knows they can approve tagging before it appears on your feed. The truth is that a terrible photo simply invites you to a party that smears your name.

6. Racial comments
Yes, the social media offers you the opportunity to share your opinions and make constructive arguments. But it is totally wrong to go on social media to discuss your racial biases. Yet people do this, please think before you type and post.

7. Harassing/ Cyberbullying
No one likes a stalker. It gets worse when the other person comments rudely on everything you do on social media. No one likes to be harassed on social media, this is particularly offensive. The rate of online bullying has doubled in the past year and this needs to be stopped.

8. Letting the world know how much you make
Trust me no one wants to how much you earn; this should be your business not every one’s business. Your social media profile is not a scene out of a hit reality TV show. No one should know how much money you make or how much money people you know make. There are other ways you can feel cool about your success but doing this on social media could be inviting criminals.

9. Links to crude content
I do see this from popular porn stars. But if you are not a celebrated porn star it becomes inappropriate to posts to crude content from your page. The person clicking may not even an idea of what they are clicking on and suddenly associates you with the crude content.

10. Lying
Lying about your finances, lying about your career or lifestyle could create a bad impression of you on social media. No one likes a liar. Sometimes you want to build up your reputation and you think a little lie could help you do this. Most times this simply creates confusion and a wrong perception of who you truly are.
Beyond social media, we all do have real lives you know and perhaps you should start attaining happiness by working on your real life issues first!

11. Hiring or Firing.
We want our lives private, it is inappropriate to hire or dismiss a worker/employee on social media. Why would anyone want to do that? Private when hired and private when fired.

12. Nudes.
No matter how much you love your body it should be private, the whole world doesn’t need to see it. Unless you’re aiming to be the next porn star, leave your nudes to yourself.

Just remember that:
– You can’t take back your words.
– Always think before saying anything.

By Angel Ojukwu


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