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Working out with your partner could be the key to a happier relationship.

A survey of more than 7,600 adults revealed 43% of those surveyed have exercised with their partner – with more than half (66%) saying that working out together has improved their relationship. 51% of those surveyed say exercising with their partner has had a positive impact on their relationship, while 53% say they enjoy spending quality time together – showing time spent in the gym or playing sport is still valuable time as a couple. So maybe it’s time to switch your date night to a spinning session rather than the cinema.

More than one in five (21%) said working out together made them feel more attracted to their partner – and the same amount also said they enjoy watching their other half work out. Which makes sense. Everyone looks better in Lycra… right? Working out as a pair also encouraged Brits to maintain a healthier lifestyle, as 22% said they exercise as a couple to stay in better shape, while a similar number said it reduces their stress levels. And less stress means fewer arguments.  Source: Metro: UK





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