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Talented Young Nigerian Artist Draws Realistic Portrait Of Kevin Hart.

There are so many talented people in Nigeria, creating breathtaking works of art that deserve the attention of the whole world. Nigerians have got the best doctors, lawyers, artists etc. So it’s refreshing to see a truly gifted young artist get their big break and be catapulted into global attention. Nigerian art is thriving, with this diverse and dynamic country producing an array of creative talents that demand wider attention. One particular area of interest is hyper-realistic pencil drawings, with artists like Ken Nwadiogbu producing the kind of portraits that are so detailed you’d swear they were photographs. Young artist Eli Wuduba Yusuf, based in Kaduna state in north-central Nigeria, is a pencil magician who can conjure up hyper-realistic portraits using nothing more than a simple lead pencil and some paper.


People all over the world are now admiring Eli’s work, it’s truly a life-changing event for him. “We have basically over 70% young people in Nigeria right now and a large amount of them are gifted, talented or into painting, drawing and sketching,” Nigerian journalist Yaron Mudi told Bored Panda. “Many have taken to social media to push out their craft because that is the only voice we the youth have. It has opened our talented young people’s skills to many new eyes.”Eli knows this and used Twitter cleverly to gain the attention of his idol.

Kevin HArt

The hyper-realist scene in Nigeria first grabbed the world’s attention back in 2016, when Lagos-based artist Oresegun Olumide’s oil paintings went viral. People couldn’t believe that they weren’t photographs, and his success inspired a new generation of hyper-realist artists.

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