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Love is everywhere in nature. It was a long weekend and because I live by the seaside during the noiseless time I go there to relax, meditate, think and finally capture the moment. For I see the beauty of nature in the open that is when you start to think how great is the creator.

God is the greatest, and beauty is the expression of God. If you can’t appreciate beauty in the world how can you fathom God?
– Angel Ojukwu

Almost everyone values some aspect of the natural world, by the seaside you take in the fresh cool breeze that makes you reason WELL. Most times when I need to get a clear vision I go to the sea, the sound of the water is everything.
The movement of the water so captivating, it takes you back to when you were born. Born with nothing, leaving with nothing so why all the troubles of this world. Just live and be happy for you have got just one opportunity.

Happy Holiday!

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Personal Style

My 2016 Trips/My Shopping’s: Angel Ojukwu

Travelling has become a part of me from a young age, my parents traveled around as a result of their profession and the kids traveled with them too …..

Growing up was fun, I was lucky to have such expensive experience and the best part of it is that I kept that habit alive. Every year I try to go vacation at least 3 times, I would have loved to do more but now I have to think of the funding since I sponsor my humble self…..hahahahahahahaha

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