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I Learned To Love Myself And The 6 Things I Discovered Loving Myself.

The truth is that, I learned to myself from a very young age because my parents taught to love and appreciate myself. For me and some people, loving oneself – comes so effortlessly. For people out there it is a struggle accepting every flaw, characteristic, and genetics that make them who they are.  I admire the people who can love themselves; the raw truth of loving oneself is hard especially in today’s world thay anyone could make changes to their body.

As a young woman, I tend to overlook that everyone is growing daily, whether it is for better or for worse. I am aware that I am growing too. The more you grow and learn, the more it is necessary to learn to love the new positive things your mind knows, to embrace how your physical makeup is amazing and ever-changing to shield your bones, organs, and more importantly – your heart and soul.

Self-love is about patience with yourself, grace, understanding that you can’t always be a formidable wall and always happy. But it is accepting the changes that you’ll go through, and adoring all the mistakes and successes too.

In the journey of loving myself I have learned a few things:


1. To Let things go. Tie no heavy weights to your ankles.

It so much more difficult than to just say “let things go.” I was told that so many times when I was facing some difficult situations. “Just get over it. Cheer up. You have nothing to be sad about.” The thing is, the truth is that no one knows how you feel inside. The only thing that helped me is the fact that I loved myself and that kept me going and restored me.

2. You can learn to love yourself, even if you start late.

I figured I had already ruined my chances because of the terror I put myself through. I was either too hard on myself, or was ripping myself to shreds. When I first turned 20, I had plans for the next 10yrs and things I will accomplish. Then I turned 30, I realized I didn’t achieve some of those things and a lot has changed as well due to some bad decisions I made along the way. The only thing that kept me going and happy was the fact that I loved  There’s nothing romantic or poetic about the challenges you’ll have to face to LOVE yourself. I truly mean LOVE. I’ve failed. I got back up again. The beauty of it is, you can start anytime, and you can restart with it. When you start to appreciate your inner beauty, your intelligence, your potential, your humor, anything, that’s when it’ll get interesting. That’s when it starts positively affecting your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife, neighbors, your community, parents, siblings, people close to you. Seeing someone you hold close to your heart be happy because of your inner happiness, is amazing.

3. It’s ok to do what is best for you.

Anxiety and depression are blockages. For me personally, anxiety prevents me from participating in activities. Depression comes in and harps on me for not doing what I am suppose to do or at the right time. But do know it’s ok to not participate all the time. It’s ok to stay in and take care of yourself. Sometimes it’s ok to say no to parties. It’s ok to say no to family gatherings. It really is OK to say no to certain events that you know will drain you when you already feel drained enough. One of the best things you can do for yourself, is to listen. Listen to what you’re thinking. Stay in bed a little longer on the weekends or when you’re not working, slow your pace, ease your mind when you can. It can feel like you’re not responsible, but in the long run you are.

4. The future is unknown and will be great, for you and I.

What comes with anxiety, is followed closely by worrying. Sometimes I found myself worrying about the next day and the next. What does worrying do? Nothing of importance. It doesn’t change the situation or tomorrow.  Preparing is the best solution I have to eliminate worry. But tomorrow will be better. If NOT tomorrow, then the next. We are living and intrepid. I’ve learned that loving myself, also requires by bringing my face up and appreciating daily things, and then appreciate them again tomorrow. Appreciate your loved ones and appreciate your children. Appreciate your job and the warmth of the sun on your skin. Appreciate rain. Appreciate loud and messy. Appreciate clean and quiet. Appreciate mistakes. Appreciate crying and letting it out. Appreciate that you may have angels above looking after you. Tomorrow will be great, only if you let it be.

5. Taking responsibility for my actions and feelings: The good, the bad, and the ugly!

Loving myself has taught me to take responsibilities of  my actions. No one stands in your own way but you sometimes. It’s about moving towards our feelings, not abandoning them and finding something else to sate it. I am honest with myself and sincere with others. The more honest you are with yourself, it’ll teach you how to cope with situations better. An honest mind may be harder to face and slay your demons, but it’s better to make it be real and no sugarcoating. By not being honest with yourself, you can surrender yourself to self-hatred, addiction to not deal with emotions, or making it out to be someone else’s responsibility.

6. We all fail, but it’s where you go from there.

Yes, we all fail. We all make mistakes. We are all beautiful. But it doesn’t just stay at that. You have something to offer the world. Every day isn’t going to be perfect or great, but what I can tell you is that there are going to be days where you look back and wonder, how in the hell did you make it through whatever you were going through. You may even laugh at it. Because the simple answer is that you’re stronger than you think. Not in the moment do you consider that you are possess mental fortitude and strength, but when you reflect on something hard, and realized you beat it, there’s many reasons why, but one of them is your strength and grace. You have to pick yourself up, brush off the dust and accept: “I fell, and I probably fell harder than I’m willing to admit. But wait until you see me soar.”


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