Dear Angel

Dear Angel: I slapped my wife after finding out she had been texting another man.

Dear Angel, please help me. Last night I slapped my wife round the face twice when I found out she had been texting another man. I feel terrible, I shouldn’t have. I regretted that I did.

 I feel terrible for slapping my wife after seeing messages on her phone from another man

We’ve been arguing a lot recently as she has been going out with her girlfriends more and leaves me at home babysitting our three children. I saw this message from a man on her phone and we argued for about an hour before I slapped her.

She went to the hospital for a check-up and, thank goodness, she’s fine. She now wants a divorce but I still love her. We are both 35.

Angel Says: Say how sorry you are. Obviously it was wrong to hit her and it will have frightened her.

This is the tip of the iceberg of what’s going wrong between you but point out to her that splitting up will probably mean less freedom for her, not more.

You have three children. Surely it’s worth trying to save your relationship.


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