More about Angel Ojukwu

Hello! My name is Angel Ojukwu, welcome to Omamoda.

A Chemical Engineer whose dreams and ambitions goes beyond engineering.
Angel loves blogging, fashion has dependably been a piece of me, so I make sure I look good from Monday to Sunday…. that sounds difficult, but trust me its not.

I am originally from Nigeria, grew up in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Mixing two cultures-western and the African culture.
I spend my days in the Engineering/IT world my nights and weekends on OMAMODA and my spare time with loved ones.

Angel loves travelling, it inspires me and allows me to learn more about fashion, culture, people and then shop…..hahahahaha (who doesn’t like shopping). Every day of the week I try to eat healthy, homemade food except on Fridays when I tend to give myself a treat.

My favorite thing is talking to people who have the same interests as me. One more thing I tell you about Angel is that she loves READING….. (winks) Always remember to be YOU because YOU are different.

Always remember to be YOU because YOU are different.

– Angel Ojukwu